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The newsgroup was created on May 8, 1995. The group was originally moderated by Pete Bergstrom and Yasha Karant, but fell into disuse in late 1997.

In April 2003 moderation of the group was passed to Brian Edmonds, who is running the group and a companion, gated mailing list with the assistance of his robomoderation software.

Since its creation a number of control messages have been sent which at some sites appear to have erroneously changed the status of the group to unmoderated. If this is the case at your site, you should bring it to the attention of your news admin, as any postings you make to a moderated group which is not properly recognized as such at your site will be silently discarded at any site where the group is correctly carried as moderated.

Charter is a moderated Usenet newsgroup for the discussion of topics related to the art and science of photography and that are of interest to the serious amateur recreational photographer.

Articles must be relevant to the art or science of photography and of interest to serious amateur recreational photographers, must be in reasonably good taste, and must conform to Usenet guidelines. Suitable topics include: the technical aspects of photographic equipment, technique, optics, film, photographic philosophy, ethics and conduct, photography as fine art, and brief reviews of new products and announcements of events. Other topics may be accepted at the moderators' discretion, with the main criterion being interest to serious amateur recreation photographers.

Articles about topics usually associated with commercial/professional photography may be accepted on a limited basis as long as they are relevant to serious amateur recreational photographers. Thus, for example, postings regarding wedding photography may be accepted if they meet the relevancy test, but articles regarding the business aspects of wedding photography are not acceptable.

Advertising is prohibited, except that brief notices of events, shows, workshops, and the like will be considered if they relate to the art or science of photography and are of interest to serious amateur recreational photographers.

Postings must bear the submitter's real name and contain a valid reply address. Authors that are affiliated with or have other financial interest in manufacturers, distributors, or service providers must disclose this fact in postings mentioning those products or services.

Picture (binary) postings are not accepted.

The moderators reserve the right to cut off the discussion of a topic when its "signal to noise ratio" has dropped too low and reject postings on recently discussed topics. They will also normally reject postings comparing or seeking comparisons of equipment, "what xxx should I buy?" and "me too" postings, and postings asking questions the author could have answered for himself/herself with a minimal amount of work. Flames will be rejected. Postings may be rejected because of inappropriate crossposting, and postings to multiple moderated groups will normally be rejected. (Approved FAQs, RFDs, and CFVs are a special case.)

Miscellaneous Policies

The moderation software may (now or possibly in the future) enforce the following policies:

All posts (with a working return address) will either be returned with a rejection notice, or posted to the newsgroup and mailing list. One exception is that rejection notices for the same error are suppressed for a few minutes after the first one is sent to reduce the danger of the robomoderator being used as a mailbombing agent.

Posting with a non-replyable address is strongly discouraged. If you feel you must post with such an address, please make sure you are not using one in a valid mail domain; appending .invalid to the address is the recommended way to ensure this.


The robomoderation software (robomod) enforces various anti-spam and text formatting requirements. Note that in order to receive rejection notices or other information from robomod it must have a valid email address for you. More information on the registration process, including how to use munged addreses, can be found at

The moderators may at their discretion register addresses for auto-approval, or revert them to hand moderated status.

How To Submit a Post

At a correctly configured site you should simply be able to post to and everything will be managed for you behind the scenes. If you find this does not work for you, you can submit directly to the submission agent by mailing your posting to

Please try the newsgroup first, and be sure to bring any problems to the attention of your local news administrator so that they can be dealt with.

The Mailing List

All postings to are also distributed to the mailing list, which is available in both regular and digest format. For subscription information, send email to or visit the list webpage at

Likewise, all postings to the mailing list are also distributed to the newsgroup, so subscribers can use whichever of the newsgroup, list, or digest formats is most comfortable.

Brian Edmonds
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