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The newsgroup was created on December 7, 1994, originally moderated by David A. Pearlman. The group lapsed into inactivity by January of 1996 and efforts to contact the moderator all failed.

In 2002 the moderation authority for the group was passed to Brian Edmonds, who is currently sole moderator.

Since its creation a number of control messages have been sent which at some sites appear to have erroneously changed the status of the group to unmoderated. If this is the case at your site, you should bring it to the attention of your news admin, as any postings you make to a moderated group which is not properly recognized as such at your site will be silently discarded at any site where the group is correctly carried as moderated.


From the original creation message as found at

A new newsgroup, named, is proposed. The purpose of this newsgroup would be to field and repost information from record labels (and also from other on-line commercial music-related enterprises; e.g. new release lists from import distributors). To avoid the group becoming a dumping ground for advertising, it would be moderated. The moderator would evaluate submissions and limit postings to those with significant information content. The moderator would also contact record labels to inform them of the existence of this group and would actively solicit submissions of appropriate material from these labels. Submissions would be welcomed from both large and independent labels.

The moderator would also be responsible for providing a "random notes"-like journal that would combine minor information tidbits that would not merit separate postings into a single posting.

Subject Tags

The group originally used a two letter tagging system to identify posts. At this time I am suspending the use of those tags, which were cryptic and of questionable utility.

Miscellaneous Policies

The moderator and the moderation software will also enforce the following policies:

All posts will first pass through a software agent which will either immediately reject the post and return it with a note explaining the reason for rejection, or will return an acknowledgement of receipt to the poster's email address. Moderation after that point is done manually and will vary in the time required. All postings which are not accepted will be returned to the posting address with an explanation of the reason for rejection.

Posting with a non-replyable address is strongly discouraged. If you feel you must post with such an address, please make sure you are not using one in a valid mail domain; appending .invalid to the address is the recommended way to ensure this.

The current moderator of is also the moderator of and, and any posts submitted separately to more than one of these groups will be deemed to be spam, and rejected as such.

How To Submit a Post

At a correctly configured site you should simply be able to post to and everything will be managed for you behind the scenes. If you find this does not work for you, you can submit directly to the submission agent by mailing your posting to

Please try the newsgroup first, and be sure to bring any problems to the attention of your local news administrator so that they can be dealt with.

Brian Edmonds
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