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Any inquiries, comments or suggestions should be sent to the group's moderation coordinator at swinfo-coordinator@gweep.ca.



The newsgroup rec.arts.sf.starwars.info was created on May 30th, 1995, moderated by David Kemper. In May 1997, David retired and passed moderation of the group to Gus Lopez and Josh Ling. In April 2003 Brian Edmonds took over as lead moderator, with Karen Glaesemann helping out on the moderation team.

Since its creation a number of control messages have been sent which at some sites appear to have erroneously changed the status of the group to unmoderated. If this is the case at your site, you should bring it to the attention of your news admin, as any postings you make to a moderated group which is not properly recognized as such at your site will be silently discarded at any site where the group is correctly carried as moderated.


From the newgroup creation message as stored at ftp.isc.org:

This newsgroup will be a moderated group for the dissemination of information on topics pertaining to Star Wars.

How to submit a post

In general you should be able to post just as you would to any other group, and software should take care of the details of mailing it to the proper submission address. If your news system is broken and can't handle this properly, submissions can be mailed to rec-arts-sf-starwars-info@gweep.ca.

Please try posting first and only mail your submissions if that does not work. You should also bring any problems to the attention of your local news administrator, and direct him or her to contact the moderation coordinator if help is needed fixing things.

Submissions must be in plain ASCII format, with lines wrapped somewhere between column 60 and 79; 72 is recommended. Any attached images or other binaries will be removed by the moderation software, and HTML submissions will be converted to text. Submissions which do not convert cleanly to plain ASCII will be rejected. Exceptions will be made for PGP signatures and similar small binaries.

Crossposting is allowed to one other (non-moderated) group, and followups must be set to a single group outside of rec.arts.sf.starwars.info. If no followup is set it will default to rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc. Contact the moderators if you believe you need to exceed these restrictions.

The common language understood by the vast majority of the group's readers is English, and submissions in any other language must include an English translation.

All posts (with a working return address) will either be returned with a rejection notice, or posted to the newsgroup and mailing list. One exception is that rejection notices for the same error are suppressed for a few minutes after the first one is sent to reduce the danger of the robomoderator being used as a mailbombing agent.

Posting with a non-replyable address is strongly discouraged. If you feel you must post with such an address, please make sure you are not using one in a valid mail domain; appending .invalid to the address is the recommended way to ensure this.

What to expect after posting

If you submit your posting with a valid return address, you should always receive mail in response from the moderation server. If you do not use a valid address, please be sure to read the last paragraph in this section. If you do not hear anything back from the moderation server within a few hours, then you should contact the group coordinator at the address given at the beginning of this document.

If the moderation software does not detect any problems with your submission, then it will send an acknowledgement that your posting has been received. If it finds any problems then it will return the entire post with an explanation of the problem(s) it observed. If you have trouble understanding or correcting the problem, please contact the group coordinator.

Once your submission has been accepted it will be placed in the submission pool, from which moderators request work. Depending on how busy the moderators are it may be handled in anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. If more than a week passes and you do not either hear from a moderator or see your submission posted, feel free to contact the group coordinator to inquire.

If you post from an invalid address, you can still receive mesages from the moderation server if you register a valid address with the server (a munged registration). You can read more about address registration at

The mailing list

All postings to rec.arts.sf.starwars.info are also distributed to the mailing list rec-arts-sf-starwars-info@gweep.ca, which is available in both regular and digest format. For subscription information, visit the list webpage at

Likewise, all postings to the mailing list are also distributed to the newsgroup, so subscribers can use whichever of the newsgroup, list, or digest formats is most comfortable.

Brian Edmonds
$Date: 2003/10/27 17:20:33 $