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The newsgroup rec.arts.anime.creative (RAAC) was created in May 1993 as rec.arts.anime.stories. In March 1996 it was renamed to its current name to better reflect the content of the group (ie. not just stories).

No introduction would be complete without a big tip of the hat to Megazone who put in much work from the early 1990s on in developing both the fanfic archive and newsgroup. Zoner retired in the summer of 1996, and while he's not gone from anime or the net, we'll miss his energy on RAAC. (Actually we're hoping he'll have more time to work on Hopelessly Lost and other Eyrie stuff now...)


From the newgroup creation message as stored at ftp.isc.org:

This moderated newsgroup serves as a place for the posting of fan created works. For any anime or manga related fan work including stories, parodies, original scripts written by fans, poems, song lyrics, and original artwork. Only the actual fan works will be posted here -- any discussion regarding these works should be posted to rec.arts.anime.fandom.

Interpretation: fanfic

Fan fiction falls into one of these categories:

  1. An original story within one or more established commercial series, sometimes with original characters.
  2. An original story within an original world, but with an anime style or feel. Considerable latitude will be given in determining just what "anime style or feel" is.
  3. Poetry (including song lyrics), either directly about, or inspired by an anime series or character.
  4. Parody of either a commercial series or other fanfic. In the latter case, some sensitivity is advised in not being too caustic...

Scripts or song lyrics from commercial works are not covered in the above, though limited (and acknowledged) borrowing from such is acceptable under "fair use". Plagiarism of commercial or other fan works is unacceptable in any form.

Interpretation: artwork

Fan artwork is either an original rendering of characters and/or situations from a commercial series, or a completely original work in manga style. Again, considerable latitude will be given in determining just what constitutes "manga style".

Some use of commercially available images may be acceptable for parody purposes if the parody element makes a significant contribution to the work. This decision will be made on a case by case basis by the moderation team or its appointed representative. In any case, straight scans of commercial images will never be considered acceptable.

Interpretation: other

Announcements related to fan projects are also welcome. This can include pointers to fan works ftp/web sites and mailing lists. Most followups to posted works should be sent to rec.arts.anime.fandom, but carefully prepared reviews and guides to collections of works will likely be accepted on RAAC.

How to submit a post

In general you should be able to post to RAAC just as you would to any other group, and software should take care of the details of mailing it to the proper submission address. If your news system is broken and can't handle this properly, submissions can be mailed to rec-arts-anime-creative@robomod.net.

Please try posting first and only mail your submissions if that does not work. You should also bring any problems to the attention of your local news administrator, and direct him or her to contact the RAAC moderation coordinator if help is needed fixing things: raac-techmod@robomod.net.

Textual works must be submitted in plain ASCII format, with lines wrapped somewhere between column 60 and 79; 72 is recommended. In multi-part works be sure to indicate clearly what part each piece is in the subject and both at the start and end, and be consistent in how you label parts. It is annoying to try and piece together a work consisting of Part 1, Chapter II, Ep. Three, Story iv, and so on. It has been suggested that in multi-part works starting with a "What has gone before" blurb is a good idea, but RAAC has no official policy on this. If it has been more than a month since the last installment, you may wish to consider it.

The common language understood by the vast majority of readers of RAAC is English, and works in any other language are unlikely to be accepted. Some use of Japanese within stories is an obvious exception, and in general fragments of other languages (with English translation) in a larger work are fine. For short works, poetry in particular, other languages may be accepted as long as an English translation accompanies the submission.

Artwork must be in JPEG or GIF format, and may be uuencoded or attached as a base64 MIME attachment. You should also sign the work. Including a short "explanatory note" as a preamble to any artwork posting is highly recommended, particularly as such information is useful to people later browsing the archives.

All posts to RAAC must be tagged to indicate the series on which they are based (eg. BGC, Ranma, SM, etc.), and the type of work (eg. Art, Fanfic, etc). It is also traditional to add a Lemon tag if the work contains material of a sexual nature. Please tag your posts appropriately before submitting them. For examples of such tagging, see the newsgroup itself.

Please try to finish stories before posting them. Feedback while writing may be nice, but it's a lot easier to go back and make changes in earlier parts if you haven't already sent them out to the whole world. Also, far too many authors simply vanish from the net halfway through writing, leaving people looking for the rest of their story even years later. Finally, give your work a title, as otherwise it's hard to figure out where to put it in the archive.

What to expect after posting

If you submit your posting with a valid return address, you should always receive mail in response from the moderation server. If you do not use a valid address, please be sure to read the last paragraph in this section. If you do not hear anything back from the moderation server within a few hours, then you should contact the group coordinator at the address given at the beginning of this document.

If the moderation software does not detect any problems with your submission, then it will send an acknowledgement that your posting has been received. If it finds any problems then it will return the entire post with an explanation of the problem(s) it observed. If you have trouble understanding or correcting the problem, please contact the group coordinator.

Once your submission has been accepted it will be placed in the submission pool, from which moderators request work. Depending on how busy the moderators are it may be handled in anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. If more than a week passes and you do not either hear from a moderator or see your story posted to RAAC, feel free to contact the group coordinator to inquire.

Your submission should also show up in the archives within a couple days of being posted, although some moderators collect archive updates and process them in a bunch every week or more. If you feel an excessively long time has gone by after your submission appeared on RAAC and it is not yet in the archives, feel free to contact the group coordinator to inquire.

If you post from an invalid address, you can still receive mesages from the moderation server if you register a valid address with the server (a munged registration). You can read more about address registration at

Archive site

All fan works posted to the newsgroup will be archived; if you don't want your work archived, do not post it to RAAC. The primary archive for the group is located at

Works can be found in directories under there, by series, with the larger endeavors in directories of their own under the series directory. In the case of huge crossover works, such as Undocumented Features, they will be in a directory of their own at the top level of the archive. Smaller crossovers will probably be stored in one of the represented series' directory. Works based on a show which does not yet have its own directory can be found in the Miscellaneous directory.

Images are in their raw binary format. Most text files are stored in gzip (.gz) format. You can either have the server decompress them for you while downloading (request the file without the .gz extension), or you can get a copy of gzip to do so yourself. On Windows platforms winzip is rumoured to have this capability.

Generally, a new directory will be created for a series (or a large work within a series) when more than three distinct pieces of work are available. Individual stories will generally be archived as a single file unless they are very large (>200kB compressed) or are episodic in nature, rather than chapters in a single continuity.

Work is planned as time permits to create a network of archive mirrors as well as a web interface to the archive. Details will be added here when known.

How you can help

If you're an author, take care when posting to the group to follow all the guidelines above. A properly formatted and tagged post takes very little moderator effort to deal with, while one with problems can hold all the rest up. In particular, know your news reader, and be careful of such things as MIME encoding, 8-bit characters, and automatic line wrapping, any of which can wreak havoc with what you thought was a properly formatted submission.

The group is pretty well provisioned with moderators, but interested parties are always welcome to get in touch with the group coordinator. The moderation software has gone through a number of revisions over the years, and is now pretty user friendly, though some familiarity with the format and contents of news headers is beneficial.

Brian Edmonds
$Date: 2005/02/28 14:04:14 $