Hitler and Jews/Outcome of WWII

E.F.Schelby schelby at swcp.com
Tue Jul 15 13:32:38 EDT 2008

"Keith B. Rosenberg" <enii at pacbell.net> wrote:

>> That was okay? Brave? Reasonable? One would think it's
>> psychology 101 if humans react in similar fashion under extreme
>> pressure, even though one side is declared criminal. Most soldiers
>> who did the fighting were not criminals, they were troops. Grunts.
>The grunts were not in charge, the criminal Nazis were. And the
>German soldiers were not exactly allowed to leave or even to openly
>express their desire to surrender. How many thousands of  German 
>soldiers were executed by the Nazis in the final year of the war for 
>attempting to leave without permission? 

That makes unconditional surrender even more cruel. These
grunts had no way out. How long did it take to end the Vietnam
War in a democratic country, with open mass protests in the streets?
What do you think the situation was in a totalitarian society
during WW II when the country was practically encircled and was also
being attacked from the air? You were just being swept along with an
avalanche. And then there's the devil you know...

>The Italians surrendered after the unconditional surrender announcement.

Which, I remember, created unfriendly comments among some of the
Allied warriors in this ng. Italians did/do things differently, and
that is fine with me.   

>Because the Nazis were so extreme, it was impossible for the Allies
>not to become at least somewhat more extreme in return. That too
>is human psychology.

Violence, violence, and then greater violence. Please click on the
_Stamp Em Out!_ poster. See that viper on the left? That's how the
US portrayed the German people. No, not just the... (insert n-word).



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