The vote to create a light moderated general discussion group called misc.kids.family-life in the Big 8 did not pass. The creation team that worked to develop the group set up a list, however, where the group can be read either via an email like list or just like a news group. This group is being used to develop, refine and assess the Charter as it was proposed in order to determine how workable such a group would be and whether or not a future revisitation of the RFD would have a reasonable chance of success. The group is not available on most servers or Google, only on the news.gweep.ca server.

The creation team is inviting anyone interested in participating in this experiment to subscribe and join in as you find the time and interest.
There are already active participants discussing various topics mainly centered around family life.

If you are interested in subscribing you will need to subscribe to the news.gweep.ca server, download the groups which it carries, and subscribe in
your usual method of subscription to a news group. The first post by any given poster is hand moderated for charter compliance. Posters complying with the Charter are moved to green-lighted or direct posting status.

Posting Guidelines--coming soon.

To get information about configuring your newsreader to read the group on the news.gweep.ca server, click on your email program below:

Outlook Express

If your mail program is not listed, please contact mkflmodkg@sbcglobal.net.

updated 12/12/03