Robomod - Team and Solo Forum Moderation

Robomod is a forum moderation environment that supports both solo moderators and moderation teams of as many members as desired. The types of forums supported vary from wide-open discussion forums, to strictly moderated announcement forums, and anything inbetween. The distribution mechanism can be either a newsgroup, a Mailman mailing list, or both at the same time (with all postings distributed via both email and news). Newsgroups can be either globally propagated Usenet groups, or privately hosted at

At the time of writing, robomod is used for 29 Usenet newsgroups (a number of which are also gated to mailing lists), one uk.* newsgroup, one private newsgroup, and ten mailing lists (some of which are also gated to private newsgroups).

The robomod interface is entirely email based. When a new submission is received, it is resent to all active moderators, who then, as their time permits, proceed to vote to accept or reject the posting. Groups can be configured with a variety of thresholds for acceptance or rejection of posts, from single vote through majority vote or even unanimous vote. When enough votes are received to make a decision, robomod handles either distributing it if approved, or returning a rejection notice to poster if not. There is also support for sendir address whitelisting to allow preapproval of specific senders, which can greatly reduce the moderator workload in discussion groups.

To help reduce moderator workload further, robomod also implements a number of submission policy controls, for such things as crossposting, quoting of previous postings, line lengths, subject tagging, thread termination, and so on. It also offers a Bayesian filtering system for spam identification and auto-rejection.

Robomoderated forums are currently hosted free of charge at, courtesy of Gweep Systems, though donations for cost recovery of the server colocation fees are gratefully accepted. The operators reserve the right to refuse hosting to particularly large or work intensive groups, if they may interfere with the continued hosting of other groups for any reason.

If you are interested in hosting a newsgroup or mailing list at, read more about robomod features, then email Please include as much detail as you can about the subject matter, expected readership size, and anticipated posting traffic.

Last updated: Mon Aug 16 18:35:36 CDT 2004